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Inspired to write down some thoughts on my various interests, I thought I would have a go at one of these blog-type-things. Here we go on the journey – even if the only view is from me it should be fun…

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CTVFBOS#10 – The Daughter of Time – A Question of History

Sometimes you start a book and you really don”t know what you’re going to get. This one comes with an incredibly impressive set of recommendations, being badged the number 1 crime novel of all time (by the Crime Writers’ Association) and 4th on the Mystery Writers’ Association list. My word – it must be somethingContinue reading “CTVFBOS#10 – The Daughter of Time – A Question of History”

CTVFBOS#9 – The Prisoner – An Enduring Mystery

Once in a while a TV series comes along that is quite unlike anything else that came before it.  A series that makes everyone sit up and take notice.  A breakthrough – an evolutionary push.  Something that so challenges the audience that it splits opinion.  A series that many viewers simply can’t understand, possessing difficultContinue reading “CTVFBOS#9 – The Prisoner – An Enduring Mystery”

CTVFBOS#8 – Sapphire & Steel – A Highly Irregular Mystery

Sometimes it’s good to have a mystery that will never be solved. You can speculate; you can theorise; but now and then it’s OK to just simply accept that a mystery is going to remain impenetrable in perpetuity. And so it is with the amazing SF/fantasy series Sapphire & Steel.  It had a relatively short lifetime,Continue reading “CTVFBOS#8 – Sapphire & Steel – A Highly Irregular Mystery”


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